FREE | The first level of design is a consultation that is done during a meeting with you.

  • Meet with our professionally trained design staff to discuss your project.
  • Begin to look at available product choices, design features, colors and patterns.
  • Bring in a couple photos of the project area with 1 or 2 dimensions of the space, and we will work with you to create a hand drawn design.
  • This will give us a starting point to be able to ballpark an estimate for the cost of the project installation.



$80 | This level of design is a hand-drafted drawing.

  • It is sometimes generated in the field during the meeting.
  • For many of our projects, the hand drawn design is enough to install the project.
  • As the complexity of the project increases, (like with different levels and heights, steps and walls in combination with pavers) so does the need for more complex and complicated drawing.



$250 – $500 | The next level in the design process is to produce a CAD drawing. 

  • Allows us to get very detailed with the information we want to communicate.
  • Layers of notes and graphics can be turned on and off as needed for each phrase of the project.
  • We have the ability to show patterns, borders, details, plant selections, future design elements, and notes for everything. (A minimum deposit and commitment is required for this step.)