Newsletter: 2019


We are an up and coming greenhouse & garden center focused on bringing in new and unique plants to the community. By stocking everything from small ornamental trees and shrubs, a mixed variety of perennials, and seasonal annuals, we have many options to choose from. The majority of our plant stock is raised from roots, cuttings, or liners here at our greenhouses to provide you with plants that are raised locally.
The Rooted Barrel is open for business for spring sales from the middle of April to the end of June. Fall sales are open from September through the end of October. However, our customers can call at any time to set up an appointment if something is needed at other times of the year.

Dates to Remember:

March 23rd: Propagation Seminar ($25 per Person/Limited to first 25 People) Please RSVP @
April 27th: Grand Opening Weekend with BBQ Cookout

May 9th-12th: Mothers Day Sale

May 25th & 26th: Memorial Weekend Sale

June 1st: Closed for Ben & Bailey's Wedding

June 15th-16th: Father Day Sale

July 20th: Canning “from the garden” Seminar

September 5th: Mums Available

September 19th: Pumpkins Available

September: Honey Available

October 24th - 27th: Season Closeout

Annuals we're loving this year:

Lantana: The multicolor blossom varies between shades of orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. The sun won’t easily wither this plant as it thrives in hot spots with little moisture. It will gladly soak up the sun and last through the fall. Plus, it attracts pollinators of all kinds.

Vinca: Prized for its nonstop flower show from early summer till fall Vinca is a prolific heat and drought tolerant annual, perfect for hot, dry areas. It's easy to grow and requires little or no attention.

Citronella: This full sun plant is easily grown in a garden and is an effective form of mosquito control. It carries the citronella fragrance in the plant's foliage making it the perfect patio container plant. 

Million Bells: Calibrachoa (also called Million Bells) grows and flowers at an amazing rate. These extremely vigorous plants make for colorful, cascading accents in containers or hanging baskets, along walkways, and on garden walls.

Geraniums: A great staple for beds, borders, and containers, geranium is one of the most popular plants today. They love hot weather and hold up well to dry conditions while still offering colorful foliage. 

Zinnia: These are some of the toughest annuals you can plant. Even though they grow best in well-drained organic soil, zinnias are extremely tolerant of poor soils, including hard clay.

Impatiens: The best shade garden plant, impatiens are primarily used for their bloom power and a wide variety of colors. They are blooming powerhouses and will fill a space with blossoms, plus they require no deadheading.

Perennials we're loving this year:

Pineapple Lilly: These easy-to-grow perennials have lance-shaped leaves that turn from green to burgundy-red. In mid to late summer, spiky flowers resembling pineapples bloom atop the foliage making it a great focal piece.

Monarda: Also known as Bee Balm, these gorgeous blooms thrive in full sun or partial shade and evenly moist soil. A honeybee and hummingbird favorite, plus they're even deer resistant.

Asclepias: Also known as milkweed or butterfly weed, this is an iconic plant in the garden and a staple native wildflower that's easy to grow, cold hardy and does well in poor dry soil. Long lasting clusters provide plenty of food to all pollinators.  

Agastache: Agastache is a strong-stemmed plant that usually doesn't need staking or support. Once established, these plants are tough and can go weeks without watering.

Heleniums: Part of the sunflower family, this sun-loving perennial has long-lasting blooms adding a burst of warm color to late summer gardens.

Hosta's: We have a large assortment of different hosta's. Our two favorites are Fire Island with its bright red stems and lime green leaves. Along with the White Feather that has lime green stems and white leaves.

Additional merchandise this year:

Bactto Potting Soil

Jack’s Fertilizer

Local Honey (when available)

Who's Who Around the Nursery:

RICK: Designated Waterer & Right-Hand Man

ANN: Nursery Manager & Plant Enthusiast

BEN: Owner

BAILEY: "The Boss"

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